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 ARTIST STATEMENT - Evelyne Henrard

French artist borned in 1953 in Belgian Congo

Graduated from Academy of Fine Art of Bruxelles Belgium

Graduated from Pantheon - Sorbonne in Paris Master degree in Fine Arts

Graduated from Ecole Duperrey Paris : Ceramics and sculptures Degree

Graduated in Art Therapy Descartes University Paris

Live in Paris since 30years

In 1993 I founded my private Art School in Paris called « Imagine Studio » where I teach painting, Etching, Mixed Media, ceramic and stone sculpture.

In addition I continue my own studies in fine art at the Pantheon-SorbonneUniversity in Paris in PhD Fine Art Ceramic.

I Teach Art History : - Modern and Contemporary -classes and conferences in Paris.

I have been engraving since 1996 when a friend showed me a variety of printmaking processes.

I worked independently developing the mixed media techniques that I use today.

In 2002, I attended an engraving worshop at The Academy of Fine Arts of Versailles.

There I studied under the strict tutelage of the Korean Master Kim Myong Nam.

After one year, the Master began to appreciate my work and revealed to me the essential elements of her culture : silence, examination and outward journey.

Essence without useless chattering ; the philosophy of Zen.

She encouraged me to take part of The International Engraving Biennial at Seoulwhere I exhibited in 2003, 2005 and 2007.

I represented France and whas nominated for the Engraving Price

My prints are part of the permanent collection The Museum of fine Arts in Seoul.

Also in Erevan Museum of Fine Arts.

My works are part of many collection in Bruxelles, and Paris.

In the United States I have spent the last summers 2008-2009 working at the Pathfinder Village in Edmeston NY as an art therapy intern working with Down Syndroms residents and

I'm gratuated from in 2009.

I exhibit in the Fine Craft Gallery Arts Council Wilber Mansion in Oneonta NY in 2002 and 2008.

In 2012 I've received the Special Award for my ceramics work in Sèvres : Royal Manufacture of Sèvres

The Royal Sèvres Ceramic Manufacture provide the The Élysée Palace  official residence of the President of the French Republic 


Iuse the painting, etching and Mixed Media :

Mostly I start with Etching which is traditionnaly the process of using strong acid or mordant to cut into the unprotected parts of a copper surface to create a design in the metal.

I complete the result with water colors, oil paintings, and wax crayons or oil crayons , in addition, sometime I make same collages : silk colored papers for example.



What is the function of Art ?


My personal expression is very close with Art Therapy

I’m sure in my personal background, I’ve found art to help me not only to enjoy life and beauty, but also to I think it had  The function to help   resilience after a trauma .

I mean a form of resurrection, of metamorphosis, a rebirth.

That’s the reason I study Art Therapy program at PARIS 5, from 2004 to 2007.

During that schedule I’ve being an internship at theParis Saint Anne Hospital in the Depressive, suicide and anorexia section during 5 month.

With that sort of diseased, I’ve being working with painting and clay.

During the 2007 summer I’ve being an internship in Pathfinder Village for Down syndrome in Edmeston - New-York.

I worked with clay and nature; I mean “land Art” seemed to be logical because in that part of the United State, The Catskill is a great natural surroundings

.During the 2008 Summer I’ve invited as an artist in Residence at Pathfinder.

The Video shows the works done for this occasion; I had an exhibition at the Upper Catskill Community Council of the Art in Oneonta NY in august and September 2008.



Working with clay, glazes, porcelain, stoneware, and push that sort of medium out of the usual condition for example: over fire, or under fire.

I want to experiment the process of raku with clay and glazes not usually used for that kind of fire

As a metaphor to express how much the human and the nature can be push at their extreme limits and after breaking down, appears life power with “ new buds”.

So, to provoke  material accidents  with clay like :  break down, collapse, burn to death is not interesting for me if there is only an observation of  that kind of  experience.

Again, I use organic form from nature : plant life,  animals, coral, flowers, bark, or forms which evocate part of the human body, to metaphoric, this idea of life “goes on and on again”.

I could never even if I work three life find and show how big is the nature variety of forms, textures, colors, surprises.


Why do I choose clay to work ?

Because, everything comes from clay and go back to clay, every single little or huge thing on our planet comes from clay, and  we live on  all our life , we walk on the surface of the earth witch is clay.

To work with clay need fire: this is a big part of the human progression.

In fact,  to get fire under control is a big deal for the humanity,  since the discovery of fire : how to warm, cook, make  houses, with bricks, tile, and of course, to make pottery and divinity figures.

The human body keep tracks of clay in his cells, water, fire, and air, all elements I use as medium.

Actually I need to improve artificial material like resin, polyester in order to obtain hybridizations between natural media like clay and synthetic materials.

It may evocate prosthesis, or invasion of the technology in nature, in the human  body, and the human life.

This synthetic material isn’t very “noble”, I would like to show hits slackness, how it pour with the consistence of a mollusk or like  transparent blood, how it evocate the body-fluids, and how it is part of the nature too.


When I work on my studio in the U.S. I used to make installations in outdoor location, forest, fields, or hold barns, because the area it is “in the middle of nowhere” in the Catskill 200miles from Manhattan.

Every summer, I work two month and let the works outside around the nature, so the weather, the rain, the snow do the rest of the artistic work.
Sometimes there are mousses, or blackberry-bush , or by chance, some little animal like snakes,  squirrels,  blue jay or cardinals, who makes their nest in the sculptures.

During the summer I can see dears coming close to the installation.

Last summer, there was a nice experience with hummingbirds they like the red colors of the sculpture forms and wait to get some nectar : the entire installation act like the resilience process.

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